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  1. Re: Anyone using 2 or more lines with m0n0wall or pfSense router ?

    I just wanted to add to this thread, since it's what shows up at the top of a google search for PFSense and VOIPo. I have a GrandStream TA.

    I was experiencing 1 way audio on inbound calls once...
  2. Re: Long delay between dialing and call ringing, and dead air on some incoming calls.

    I had a problem like this after TWC changed my modem to an Arris DG1670A. Unfortunately it's the only modem they currently supply with their higher service levels. Tried adding the GrandStream...
  3. Re: Does Anyone Have an Apple Airport Working Correctly with VOIPO?

    Now that my issues with dropped incoming calls were resolved with a new ATA, I tried to go back to using my Airport router as the router (as opposed to the built-in SBG6580 router, which works fine...
  4. Re: Calls dropped, one way calls, and registration issues.

    Yep - You bring up a good point. I understand REN value and the potential for issues if you say - attached a bunch of mechanically-ringing phones to a poor little ATA that was never intended to...
  5. Re: Calls dropped, one way calls, and registration issues.

    It's been a long time but I wanted to update this incase anyone else runs into the same issue.

    I continued to have problems with incoming calls. Most commonly, the phone would ring. When I'd...
  6. Re: Calls dropped, one way calls, and registration issues.

    I've been going back and forth with support on this. I think they finally figured it out. They changed something on their end and had me reboot the HT502. I haven't closed the ticket yet but...
  7. Re: Calls dropped, one way calls, and registration issues.

    I'm having a lot of these troubles lately too. I created a trouble ticket and they supposedly switched the network that I'm on, but it didn't make any difference.

    It comes and goes. I've made...
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    Re: Can not hear caller or reveiver

    I'm having this problem today as well. I'm on the west coast.
  9. Thread: Call recording?

    by djrobx

    Call recording?

    I tried to use the BETA call recording feature today (*28 on an outbound call). It sent me an attachment to the email address I requested, but the wav file was 0 bytes long.

    -- Rob
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    Re: vPanel Feedback/Suggestions

    One thing I find confusing about the vPanel pages is that I don't have access to help/support from there. I can configure features but can't learn how to use them. If I want to know that, I have...
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    Re: Different simulring for virtual number

    If we allowed this, there's also a lot of potential for abuse since people would simply order a main line + a virtual number anytime they needed 2 lines and that's not what VNs are intended...
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    Different simulring for virtual number

    I've added a virtual number. Idea was for that to be "my" number that I give out to people. I wanted to have it simul-ring my cell phone. I also wanted to be able to forward it directly to my...
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    Re: Feature request: link to delete vm in email

    Ditto - an option to disable server-stored voicemails would be a quick and dirty fix. I never use local voicemail, I always use the email. Then my mailbox fills up because I forget to empty it. ...
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