I have been playing with my Cisco 2801 router using it as a SIP gateway from my CallManager 6.1 system. So far things are going OK. I'm not using it with VOIPo for "normal" calls or usage by the way. For grins I set up a dial peer that took my VOIPo number and forwarded it to the SIP URI of VOIPo's inbound system to see if I could connect, and it worked! Now from my Cisco phone I can dial 7+my VOIPo number and get a SIP connection to the house. It looks like VOIPo takes the call and redirects it directly to by Grandstream 502 at the house, so I suppose technically I might be able to do a SIP connection right to the Grandstream? Maybe not.

Now if only I were long distance from work to home or had some real use for it other than just playing!

I haven't figured out how to do SIP registrations from the 2801 voice router yet though, although IP based authentication seems to work. I have another provider I play with that supports IP authentication and I can send and receive calls with them. I tried to get SIP registration to work but never had any luck.

This phone stuff is fun!