God, how time flies. I got my email today to Renew my VoipO account. I am one of the original Alpha/Beta Testers. I have a "Founder's Account". So I renewed like always. And while I was in my account paying the invoice, I looked at all my previous invoice.

First invoice was July of 2008. That 11 completed years with VoipO. Not counting the Year+ working with Tim and his excellent Team to get VoipO off the ground.

I am mainly writing this for anyone new and thinking about VOIP and VoipO.

After all the testing with different ATA's, features, codes, etc. and VoipO went live, I settled in using the PAP2 ATA that I had. (I tried ALL of the types VoipO wanted tested). To this day, I STILL have the SAME PAP2 adapter hooked up. The only thing I've changed, is I did ADD an additional phone to the system. An IP phone. So, I have 8 phones connected to the PAP2 adapter. (Only 2 have the Bells turned on; because too many bells pulls too much current and the adapter can't handle that). And 2 of my phones are old style and draw a lot of current. A 1910 Country Junction phone with a candle stick Mic and Recevier. I also have a circa 1950's Chrome Payphone that came out of the original Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant in San Francisco. Friend found it during renovation and got if for me. It too draws some current. But those 2 phones ringing is enough to hear any place in the house.

I also picked up a couple rotary to Pulse converters from a company in Australia. Works great. Can dial the rotary phone on a voip system. I have those on the 1920 country junction, 1950's payphone, and a 1960's original new old stock princess phone I got for my wife for christmas. (Yes, she wanted it).

And the IP phone I obviously have connected to my data network.

Haven't had any problems at all in the 11+ years with VoipO. Like most LIVE streaming systems for voice and video, it IS NOT just a spectator's sport. With a little user involvement, you can make it work great. Giving your ATA or IP phone static IP's help. With today's HIGHER SPEED internet, bandwidth isn't a big issue any longer. In the beginning, many of us only had 1.5mb dsl or similar. We had to know how to use QOS and such. Today, I have 450mb down and 20mb up cable internet, so QOS is not longer an issue. But today, many people are using hardware and software VPN's, Firewalls, etc. you need to know how to work behind such things.

But overall, VoipO has been perfect. It's nice having a hardline phone at home. Yes, it relies on the internet. And yes, most people have cell phones. But because of 21+ years in the Air Force and always moving, now that I'm no longer in the Air Force, I've settled down far away from family. As such, we call for 30-60+ minutes at a pop. And a hardline phone is much more comfortable than a cell phone on the ear.

Excellent job Tim and all your staff. Anyone interested in Voip, definitely needs to give VoipO a try. They are awesome. Great product, great service, great customer support, and great price. I think there's still a couple of folks who have been with VoipO as long as I have. If so, I'm positive their testimony about VoipO will be similar to mine.

Thanks Again. Mike