This is a reminder that if you are transferring a number to VOIPo from another provider, you will need to submit an authorization form and a copy of your most recent bill from that provider. These should have been automatically e-mailed to you when you submit your transfer request. If they were not, we can resend them. VOIPo cannot submit your transfer request without these documents.

If you are a former Verizon Voicewing customer, please remember that Verizon will be discontinuing their Voicewing service on 3/31. If you are transferring a Voicewing number, it is very important that your transfer be completed by then. Since transfers typically take 1-2 weeks, it is critical that you contact us to make sure your transfer is in progress with no errors if it has not completed already.

If you're transferring a Voicewing number and it has not completed yet, please contact us immediately via phone at 877-99-VOIPO, via Live Chat, or by e-mailing to verify that it will be completed before the Voicewing shutdown in 2 weeks.

In order to keep all customers more informed during the transfer process so that errors can be identified and corrected quickly, we've recenltly added a Number Transfer Center. The number transfer center provides updates so you know when we received your documents, docuemnts any errors, and shows the scheduled completion date. It will also e-mail you each step of the way. For additional information, please see the following announcement:

If you have a pending transfer and it is not listed in the Number Transfer Center, please contact support for assistance.

We apologize if you're received this and not transferring a number to VOIPo. We wanted to be 100% sure that all users that are affected by the upcoming Voicewing closing received this e-mail though so we opted to send to all recent orders in case any former Voicewing orders were flagged incorrectly.