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    In order to be able to accommodate rapid new hiring, we're moving to a much larger Houston office space next week.

    Currently we are in an office suite that's a few thousand square feet on the 2nd floor of an office building HostGator owns. While this has served us well, more space is needed as we expand.

    Starting Monday, our Sales & Support center will be occupying the entire 1st floor of the same building. The new office is over 3 times the size of our current space and will give us more room to grow.

    New Address:

    11251 Northwest Freeway
    Suite 100
    Houston TX 77092

    HostGator will be expanding into our old space so any mail that ends up at the old space will be securely given to us, but you should use the new address for any future shipments.

    No equipment is housed in our office that is service-related at all, so this is a strictly behind the scenes change except for the address.

    Later this year, we'll be opening our new heaquarters in Southern California.
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