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Thread: vPanel/Helpdesk Outage

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    Default vPanel/Helpdesk Outage

    At this time, our former datacenter that we've been migrating out of is having a complete outage at 3 out of their datacenters.

    As you know we've been migrating out of The Planet for a while and at this time only have about 10 servers remaining there.

    Unfortunately, web servers for vPanel are still in The Planet and vPanel is currently inaccessible.

    SIP servers, core routing servers, DNS servers, voicemail servers and feature servers were already running in our new facility so we do not anticipate any service issues outside of the vPanel interruption.

    If you are experiencing any service issues, please contact support ASAP for assistance.

    This is affecting multiple The Planet datacenters. At HostGator we have thousands of servers down at this time.
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