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    Tim, just wondering your thoughts on, in relation to the post here:

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    I'm curious about this as well. Has this been a problem for Voipo? There's been some news on this recently.

    Speakeasy announced that they're blocking calls to a published list of prefixes.

    Also the Iowa Utilities Board
    just told a bunch of the "traffic stimulators" to pay back connection charges,
    because they weren't actually "terminating" calls.

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    Funny thing is the big AT&T's of the world will raise rates to supposedly cover the expense of these type of calls, and when they go away do you think AT&T and the others will lower rates back? Heck no. Just like the "Fuel surcharge" that has been put on my trash pickup and most delivery services when gas was $4 a gallon. Now it's back to $2 something a gallon and I'm still paying these surcharges. Don't even get me started on the toll roads in Chicago!


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