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Thread: BYOD Support Policy Reminder

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    Default BYOD Support Policy Reminder

    This is a reminder that we do not provide any technical support at all when a user is not using our provided/provisioned device.

    This has always been our policy and we have never provided technical support for BYOD services per policy, but this has not been strictly followed by some technicians wanting to help customers.

    We will be beginning to enforce this policy more strictly internally immediately.

    When reviewing the list of customers with the most support requests and reported issues, I noticed every single one of them were BYOD customers.

    We provide BYOD access as a convenient feature for customers to use service when traveling, for international customers, or to use an alternative device in addition to our provided device.

    We are not a BYOD provider and have not designed our service to be a BYOD service so our troubleshooting procedures have been designed for our provided devices only. We realize that some providers do support BYOD openly and there are some users that prefer this.

    In order to receive technical support of any kind, you must be using our device. Technicians will no longer be able to assist you with a third-party device of any kind.

    This policy is designed to keep service levels high, support costs low, and customer experiences consistent. Our service is designed for the majority of users that expect plug and play service.
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