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Thread: Hearing static on line

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    Default Hearing static on line


    For quite a while when I've picked up the phone, I've heard static (and hissing) on the line.

    Is this static normal for VOIP? I just updated from Time Warner Standard to Turbo and hoping this helps a little.

    The static begins when I pick up a phone so it doesn't have to do with calls to a particular number.

    --I've tried different phones with the same result.

    **I use the Linksys RT31P2 provided by VOIPO. When I research static and hissing (I have both), apparently this router commonly suffers from this problem.
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    Default Re: Hearing static on line

    I had static, clicking noise for the initial one or two minutes of call with HT702 provided by voipo. Now that I have pulled out HT702 and installed Grandstream GXP2200 I don't see that issue anymore.


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