Our datacenter in Dallas is currently experiencing power issues in some sections and this is causing intermittent issues on our Dallas node.

As a result we've rerouted all users connecting in Dallas to Washington DC to prevent any service interruptions.

If you are experiencing issues and want immediate resolution before your device automatically picks up this change, simply reboot your device.

If your service is not working properly, simply reboot your adapter for faster

Date: 10-04-2009
Start time (CDT): 06:20
Services Affected: Dallas, TX - Public Network
Device: Other
Location: dal01
Duration: Emerging Issue
Description: [start - 10:20] SoftLayer engineers have detected power anomalies in server room #5 in Dallas (sr05.dal01). The Emergency Response Team has been notified and engineers are working to identify and resolve the issue. As the situation unfolds, more information will be available via the emergency communication center inside the public and private portal. Due to the high volume of tickets and calls that may arise during this issue, delays may occur as engineers work to quickly and efficiently communicate all information. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Updated information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

[update - 10:25] It would appear the same PDU (power distribution unit) that feeds several rows of servers has gone offline again. Engineers are working to bring it back online. More updates will follow when available.

SoftLayer Emergency Response Team