International and Express usage invoices have been posted to your accounts.

Here are some answers to common questions.

Included/Free Minutes

Usage that is included with your plan for free is billed at $0 until you've used up the free time.

Residential Accounts: 60 Free Minutes of International Calls to Select Destinations

Express Toll-Free: 100 Minutes Included; Then 4.9 Cents Per Minute

Express Local: 300 Minutes Included; Then 2.5 Cents Per Minute

So an an example, the first 60 minutes of international calls to included destinations in a calendar month are billed at $0 per minute until the 61st minute.

Credits on Account

If you had a credit balance on your account, it is applied to new invoices. In some cases, the credit balance was more than the invoice so the invoice was negative since there was more credit than the total due. This unused, remaining credit will be applied to future invoices.

We will correct this so that the invoices are $0ed out and NOT generated as negative next month. All negative invoices have been cancelled out.

Due Dates

Usage charges are due immediately upon invoice generation. VOIPo does not invoice in advance for usage charges.

If you have questions about your billing or invoice, please contact for assistance.