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Thread: SIPTAPI and X-Lite Softphone

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    Default SIPTAPI and X-Lite Softphone

    I'm a newbie to this, so bear with me :-)

    I have ACT! CRM installed on my machine, which only dials using TAPI applications. I have X-Lite installed which connects through SIP.

    SIPTAPI correctly forwards the TAPI request to my SIP X-Lite, however, upon dialing, one of two things happens:

    1. When the Outgoing Calls using "Domain" is selected in X-Lite, the call is transferred to the phone number I'm dialing from ACT!, but the call hangs up around 10 seconds.

    2. When the Outgoing Calls using "Remote Domain" is selected in X-Lite, the call transfers but does nothing, and another incoming call from my account (VOIPo) comes in on Line 2. When I connect to this, it does nothing more than play back what I am speaking into the phone. The original number I was dialing in ACT! (my cell phone for test purposes) is never connected.

    I've changed Firewall Settings and every X-Lite setting I can think of, and scoured all the Forums for an answer. Can't come up with anything.

    Any ideas? Is this a limitation of VOIPo SIP?


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    Default Re: SIPTAPI and X-Lite Softphone

    For anyone who may use this setup, I was finally able to get it working.

    You must have version 0.2.10 of SIPTAPI for it to properly work with X-Lite. The documentation in that version spells out an "Alternative" configuration that must be followed. Upon testing, it works!


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