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Thread: Voipo & Phonetray

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    Default Voipo & Phonetray

    I am a brand new, baby voipo customer.

    Just set up the Grandstream HT702 today. I very much would like to use phonetray to screen, block and monitor my calls. I also like the caller-id display feature appearing on my computer when a call comes through.

    My problem is, I can't get phonetray to work with voipo. At least not yet. Phonetray says it will work will voip providers but didn't specifically list which ones. I would guess, any reliable and established ones. With that in mind, I went to phonetray's help & support and found this:

    Connecting Your Modem to the VoIP line (e.g. Vonage)

    If you have a VoIP phone service like Vonage, connect the Line jack on the dial-up modem to the Phone 1 jack on the VoIP / Vonage adapter. After that connect your phone to the Phone jack on the dial-up modem.

    I followed the instruction and set up the HT702, blocked my cell number as a number to reject and called my home (voipo) number. The phone plugged in to the phone jack on the modem via the HT702 will not ring at all. There is absolutely no acknowledgement of an incoming call. Phone, modem, cables, router...everything is fine and phonetray worked like a charm minutes before I disconnected it from the fios jack in the wall and plugged it in to the HT702

    There are several other phones in the house plugged in to hardwired jacks. They all ring and work but phonetray is dead. My questions:

    1. Do I have to disconnect ALL (3 other) hardwired phones from the wall for voipo to properly work or does this not matter?

    2. My phone number is NOT ported to voipo yet. Could this be the reason voipo will not acknowledge phonetray when an outside call comes in?

    3. Has anyone successfully used phonetray with voipo and if so, how did you set it up?

    4. If phonetray will no longer be a reality, what software-based programs do you use to not only block numbers, but calls based on caller-id, N/A, out of area, private, whole area codes and the like?

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    Default Re: Voipo & Phonetray

    Well, I have not used Phonetray neither would never use. But I understand that it requires a fax/voice modem to work on a PC. Your pc fax/voice modem might not interacting correctly with voipo signals. It is also quite possible that voipo does not support to use with a fax/voice modem. You should call the technical team or open a ticket online to get correct advice regarding this.

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