Hey Guys,

We're doing some casual testing of a few new datacenters that we are considering adding into the mix so that there is an alternative option outside of our primary datacenter available for you guys to use if you prefer it for some reason.

Right now, we're testing a facility in Michigan. If you'd like to try it out, you can connect to sip7.voipwelcome.com instead of sip.voipwelcome.com. All resold accounts can register to it (and all direct VOIPo accounts with BYOD enabled).

Please let me know what your connectivity is like to that facility and if you feel it's a better or worse connection for you. Traceroutes would be very helpful with feedback.

Our Dallas datacenter is owned by IBM now and is rock solid with excellent connectivity for most people, but one big difference with it and some of the others we're evaluating is that it has a lot of direct ISP peering in its routing so if a user is using a major ISP like Cox or Comcast the traffic is likely being routed directly to it. Other facilities we're looking at adding as an alternative don't have as much peering so they may have better routing for customers not on major ISPs or for certain geographical areas.

Current Facility: Softlayer - http://www.softlayer.com/about/network/carriers

Possible Addition/Alternative: Liquidweb - http://www.liquidweb.com/datacenter/network.html

Again, this is just something we're testing. We are extremely happy with our current facility but have a few datacenters we're considering adding to the mix and this one in Michigan is currently our top choice so we'd like to get some testing. We have one reseller that seems to have a poor connection to our Dallas facility for some reason so we're re-exploring adding some diversity to the SIP server mix.

If anyone wants to test, please let me know how your connection (and post traceroutes if possible to compare). We'd like to get as much "real-world" data as possible.