Can one add a new paid Virtual Number and have that number assigned to the 2nd port, so that it can RECEIVE INCOMING calls independently on the 2nd port (i.e., without ringing the main line, on the 1st port)?

This seems to be possible, based on the following Tim Dick comment:
"To have a 2nd phone number on the account (whether issued new or by porting one in), you would need to purchase a virtual number for $4.95/Mo or $36/Yr. That virtual number could then be assigned to the 2nd port if you like."

However, there are comments elsewhere that seem to suggest one has to have two full-price accounts (which can then be assigned to ports 1 and 2, on one ATA).

So for adding a second line that has port-specific send and receive capability, can this be done by adding a paid virtual number to the 2nd port? If so, are there any specific service requests that should be made?