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    Quote Originally Posted by VOIPoTim View Post
    No changes on our end that I know of.
    I'll watch it for a few more days next week and see what happens. I've confirmed that I have Nomorobo turned on and enabled in the Vpanel. Thanks.

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    I decided to give NMR another shot. Is it me or does it affect the VOIPO call quality? Only had 2 calls so far. Anyway .........

    It seems that what NMR does now is allow a call to be passed if the blocked caller types in a random number provided by NMR. If you want to test out NMR rejection call your home FROM this number: 203-583-3042.

    How can I call FROM this number you asK? Do what the telemarketers do. Use a spoofed number. You can do that from here (2x per day). I can see having a lot of fun with that service.

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    I signed up for Nomorobo in the very beginning and it works very well. One ring and the call goes into the bucket. I get a few calls each day like this.

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    following up on this old thread. any way to get a reseller listed with nomorobo?


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