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We see a good amount of calls blocked by it so it's working in general. Unfortunately no method of blocking is ever going to be 100% and it's always going to be somewhat of a cat and mouse game with telemarkters getting more creative to find ways around it.

It's just a tool to use to help reduce and block them, but no tool will never get 100%.
I absolutely agree with you. But HERE in my area maybe my calls dropped from 4-6 per day to 4-5. Very insignificant change. The spoofed calls are so obvious most with really sill CID's. I'm surprised NOMOROBO doesn't automatically block anything with those totally abnormal CID's. My "incoming routing" list is humongous and frankly is the NUMBER ONE reason I stick with VOIPO as no one else offers the ability to block a seemingly unlimited amount of numbers.

The vast majority of my calls are from drug dealers (seriously) and "Credit Card Services." I usually get at least 10 per week from them with the identical pitch but with varying phone numbers mostly marked "CELL PHONE" or some other dumb thing. There is one caller-ID with the same name but with probably 50 different numbers over the last year. It's just crazy.

When I have free time I take the calls and play with the callers. I setup appointments and give them the local PD as my address. I wouldn't care if they called once then stopped but they call over and over and over with the same pitch so I figure I'll just waste their time when i have time to waste.