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Thread: Migrating form Voipo reseller with byod

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    Default Migrating from Voipo reseller with byod

    I currently have service from reseller VoipMyWay. However, they haven't responded to my recent request and today the site is not responding, so I'm looking at moving to Voipo since the price is the same anyway. Should I just sign up like any other new user? I current have an Obihai device, but it's not particularly customized. I don't mind keeping it if it's easy enough, but I'm open to using Voipo's device, too. Which would be easier? Also, is there anything different I need to do at signup as far as porting my number goes? I'm assuming I'll still get the new-user promotion even though I'm on a reseller now.

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    Default Re: Migrating form Voipo reseller with byod

    Hi, before you make your move, give us a look first. You will be pleasantly surprised.
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    Default Re: Migrating form Voipo reseller with byod

    We would need to handle it manually if you want to migrate to our service. You would be eligible for the new customer promotion though.

    Just contact to discuss your options and we can get you all set if you want to use our service directly.
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