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    I didn't see this specifically coming, but I think there are going to be a lot of similar stories this year.

    Companies relying on investors are going to have a hard time over the next 1-3 years especially if they have a large cash burn.

    Everyone is tightening in a big way and to be honest the VoIP industry has always been higher risk so it's definitely going to be on the chopping block.

    It's kind of good and bad for us. Bad because it's not good for the industry itself. At the same time though it's exciting in a way because we have a lot of cash on hand and will be positioned pretty well to pick up a lot of things on the cheap. Right now cash is king.

    You'd be surprised how many companies are changing hands right now.

    I have a friend who bought Vitelity last year as an example. Wasn't really publicized, but it happened. There's a lot of activity in the industry in general right now and I really expect 2008 to have a lot of consolidation/shutdowns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by usa2k View Post
    ... About FreeWorldDialup
    Have you checked out all the posts in this BBR thread?

    According to Dan Berninger at FWD, some news regarding FWD's future will be forthcoming in August.


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