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Thread: Asterisk - FreePBX setup help

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    Default Asterisk - FreePBX setup help

    I'm brand new to Asterisk, well I say brand new, but I've been mucking about with it for a while now.

    Anyway, Voipo will register and FreePBX shows the trunk as being online and registered. However, it does not allow inbound calls, Outbound seems to work just fine. The problem is the call is not being routed to my server. I have all the proper ports forwarded, (even tried putting the server in DMZ but that did not help)

    Sometimes I get one ring, then busy, sometimes I just get a busy signal other times the call simply drops and the most common is one ring then dropped call. It's very frustrating outbound calls seem to work fine.

    My settings are as follows:

    UserContext settings are blank, as told by Voipo support.

    Registration string:

    I have tried with and without NAT enabled. There are NO logs for the incoming, as I said voipo isn't even routing it to the server for some reason. I can run a windows based PBX (3cx) with out any trouble. I just enter my details and blam, its working. I really dont' want to use this system as it doesn't have as many features as Asterisk does, specifically the SCCP for my Cisco wireless phone.

    any help would be appreciated.
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