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Thread: Polycom IP550 setup for incoming calls, need assistance.

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    Default Polycom IP550 setup for incoming calls, need assistance.

    I recently transitioned from 8 x 8 to VOIPO. I have a Polycom IP-550 and no matter the combination of things I put in when the phone boots up, I get "ERROR-Line Unregistered" I just need someones advice/suggestions so I can get the phone recognized and registered.

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    Default Re: Polycom IP550 setup for incoming calls, need assistance.

    Wow, this is the fourth time I've tried to post this. Let's see if this one gets through. Here's what I did to get my Polycom 650 up and running. I couldn't find a walkthrough anywhere on the web, so hopefully this'll help some people out.

    clear out the old settings

    get your voipo config info
    make sure you get your pw emailed to you

    use the Polycom WebGUI

    Choose the "simple setup" menu option
    fill in sip server section, address field with ""
    fill in sip outbound proxy, address field with ""
    fill in sip line identification, address and authentication fields with your number
    fill in sip line identification, authentication password with your pw

    Reboot the phone and you should be ready to take and receive calls.

    Upgrade the polycom firmware. I was running an older version of firmware and the WebGUI was a little wonky. It didn't refresh properly and I had to try a number of times to do the initial login. For some reason, I couldn't start the WebGUI directly by typing in the IP into my browser. I actually wound up opening an HTTP session from Advanced IP Scanner. It started behaving properly after upgrading the phone firmware. I did the upgrade from the WebGUI (utilities, software upgrade), but you can trigger the upgrade directly from the phone as well.

    I really recommending working from the WebGUI no matter how hard it is to get to it initially. Half my earlier mistakes were from mistyping addresses when I attempted to work directly on the phone.

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