Yesterday I received complaints from my customers about incoming calls not getting through and outgoing calls intermittent.

First thing I check is the Twitter Account to see if there are any outages. None were reported so I open a ticket.

9 minutes later I received the usual response, what's the network topology, is there a firewall, are the ports open.

15 minutes later I respond no firewall and using public IP address.

An hour later I receive the usual response "We are not encountering any outages"

Then today I see this posted in another thread which corresponds with the same time frame when my customers were having issues.

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well, I hate to point this out, but service at the TX server went down this morning.

my customers who were still on MI server were not affected and worked great.
The issues I'm having is with the response times The assumptions its an issue on the customer end. By the time I create a ticket we have already exhausted local troubleshooting by power cycling the ATA's and Modems, checked network connectivity, called the ISP to see if there is work being done in the area or known outages.

Any other resellers having similar issues?