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    Quote Originally Posted by NY Tel Guy View Post
    Are you serious or pulling my leg? I'm not at home now to try it but if that is true, what menu? What Option?
    I guess you were serious, here is a page from the user manual:

    5 Basic Operations
    5.1 Get Familiar with Key Pad and Voice Prompt
    HandyTone-286 stores a voice prompt menu for quick browsing and simple configuration. To enter
    this voice prompt menu, simply press the button on the HandyTone-286 or pick up the phone and dial
    “***”. The following table shows how to use the voice prompt menu to configure the device.
    Menu Voice Prompt User’s Options
    Main Menu “Enter a Menu Option” Enter “*” for the next menu option
    Enter “#” to return to the main menu
    Enter 01 – 06, 47, 86 or 99 Menu option
    01 “DHCP Mode”, or
    “Static IP Mode”
    Enter ‘9’ to toggle the selection
    If user selects “Static IP Mode”, user need
    configure all the IP address information
    through menu 02 to 05. If user selects
    “Dynamic IP Mode”, the device will retrieve
    all IP address information from DHCP server
    automatically when user reboots the device.
    02 “IP Address “ + IP address The current WAN IP address is announced
    Enter 12-digit new IP address if in Static IP
    03 “Subnet “ + IP address Same as Menu option 02
    04 “Gateway “ + IP address Same as Menu option 02
    05 “DNS Server “ + IP address Same as Menu option 02
    07 Preferred Vocoder Enter “9” to go to the next selection in the list:
    - PCM U
    - PCM A
    - G-723
    - G-729
    - iLBC
    - G-726
    12 WAN Port Web Access Enter “9” to toggle between:
    - enable
    - disable
    13 Firmware Server IP Address The current Firmware Server IP address is
    announced. Enter 12 digit new IP address.
    14 Configuration Server IP
    The current Config Server Path IP address is
    announced. Enter 12 digit new IP address.
    15 Upgrade Protocol Upgrade protocol for firmware and
    configuration update. Enter “9” to toggle
    - TFTP
    - HTTP

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    Wouldnt kid a kidder...

    Ive used it a few times, once to see what IP address it was assigned by my router. Ive set it to be assigned static but forgot what it was...

    I Void Warranties.

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    feature wise, I'm still waiting for schedulable sim. ring
    other than that the service seems stable, and the voice quality has been excellent

    once residential is publicly launched, I'd get it for my parents
    as for my own home use, I still have about 12 mos of VT unlimited left to go,
    and I have been pretty lucky that VT seems to work most of the time (for me)
    knock on wood

    could you confirm if outgoing callerId with name avail./offered via "residential" service plan?


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