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Thread: Session Refresher Setting

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    Default Session Refresher Setting

    Question for anyone who might know...

    "Reading RFC 4028, section 7.4:

    If the session refresh request is not the initial one, it is
    RECOMMENDED that the refresher parameter be set to 'uac' if the
    element sending the request is currently performing refreshes, and to
    'uas' if its peer is performing the refreshes. This way, the role of
    refresher does not change on each refresh. "

    So my question is what should my ata be set for? UAC or UAS?

    In other words...

    Does the server or the client
    initiate the refresh?

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    Default Re: Session Refresher Setting

    These are settings on the Grandstream...

    Callee Request Timer: Yes No (When caller supports timer but did not request one)

    Force Timer: Yes No (Use timer even when remote party does not support)

    UAC Specify Refresher: UAC UAS Omit (Recommended)

    UAS Specify Refresher: UAC UAS (When UAC did not specify refresher tag)

    Force INVITE: Yes No (Always refresh with INVITE instead of UPDATE)

    Can someone from Voipo share these settings? This would help me with my Dlink Im playing with...


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