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Thread: Problem with the forum

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    Default Problem with the forum

    If I'm a registered user why do I still have to do that stupid image verification every time I want to perform a search? This should be disabled for registered users.

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    Default Re: Problem with the forum

    Hmm - I don't get such a prompt when I try it. Maybe it wants some posts - and this was your first.

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    Default Re: Problem with the forum

    Are you sure you were logged in? I'm not asked for an image verification.

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    Default Re: Problem with the forum

    Good question. I am logged in using Fire Fox and am always prompted for a Image Verification.

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    Interesting this topic is not addressed. I sent Tim a PM as well asking why which was ignored. I still need image verification which took a few tries since these images are difficult..

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    Default Re: Problem with the forum

    Did you try logging out and back in?
    IM-ing Tim is what I would have done in your situation.
    When I was a regular user, I had occasionally experienced that, but I do not know how it was fixed.

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    Default Re: Problem with the forum

    This is in place to prevent SPAM on the forums. When we have disabled it in the past, we've been flooded with SPAM.

    I have flagged your account so that you should not see it anymore.
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