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Thread: Reseller API

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevyman View Post
    When was this?

    When i search the forum for API i get no results.

    can you add something for SMS i get complaints about how inconvenient it is to use.
    If you have specific feedback, send it to us at and we'll consider and add to possible dev list. The key is to be specific what you are asking for in terms of SMS. Just e-mail feedback/requests like that and we can get it added to our dev request list.
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    I sent a pretty extensive set to Tim guys... now the purpose was for integration into WHMCS one of the most popular hosting billing systems so we know that if the provision module is made available then there will be plenty of hosting companies that will take advantage of the system... its just a matter of getting support behind it, so lets tell them how much it would mean to us if we could automate provisioning, suspending and managing our customers through a single billing system.

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    A whmcs integration module would be great.

    Here's a basic feature set wish list that comes readily to mind...
    - Number Browsing for non-customers, w/ Ordering for registered customers
    - Create/modify various account types (voice, fax, forwarding, and sub accounts) with domestic and int'l limit options
    - Warning for accounts approaching domestic or int'l limits
    - Suspend accounts for past due
    - Reinstate accounts when paid in full

    This would be awesome too, but less of a priority...
    - Control Panel (cp.voipwelcome) integration into whmcs so that resellers wouldn't have to use voipwelcome site anymore


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