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Thread: a few questions.

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    Default a few questions.

    Ok, so I have a few questions since I am a new reseller.

    1. Ok since I have a limited start up budget I am going to require a deposit of 40 dollars with free shipping for hardware unless you byod. Question 1 were does the router get returned to if the person leaves?

    2. I would really like to option for paypal integration with cp, but that a request not a question.

    3. Is there a scipt I can use on my website to show all the states and cities or area codes we offer.

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    Default Re: a few questions.

    I'm a reseller, so please consider my reply as "unofficial". Voipo mods will likely fill in or correct anything I miss.

    1. When you order a router, you are buying it. If your customer returns it, have them return it to your address, not voipo. Then you can reuse it with another customer.

    2. You can still use PayPal pretty effectively even though it isn't directly linked. PayPal has a subscription option that might work well for you until you (or voipo) develop something better.

    3. You could use the Order Form feature to show states and cities. Unfortunately, unless you enable live ordering, some of the locations listed do not actually have numbers available. So this could lead to some trouble and frustration on the part of potential customers.

    On the other hand, if you enable pre-authorized orders, the order forms will let customers browse the entire inventory of numbers, and actually order one. That can be a problem too, since this creates an actual order, and you are billed by voipo for the order. So you need to devise a sure fire method of collecting from your customer. I HIGHLY recommend that you collect BEFORE giving a customer a link to your live number order form. And even then, you should have some kind of fraud detection in place. You will get a surprisingly large number of fraud orders. Sad but true.

    My own personal request/suggestion regarding the Order Form feature, is to have an "intermediate" order form that just shows available numbers, lets a customer pre-select a number, then passes that number (along with the preferred location) to the reseller (but stops short of ordering the number). Then the reseller can manually try to order the number, or order an alternate if the selected number becomes unavailable. But at least the reseller would know what location the customer has selected. As it is, you may find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to determine what local area a customer wants or needs their number to be in. It is important you get this right, or you may assign them a number that is not "local" to their other numbers such as their mobile phone, or even their next door neighbor.


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