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Thread: Bria 4 computer to Voipo configuration

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    Default Bria 4 computer to Voipo configuration

    I'm wondering if anybody who has Voipo use Bria 4 on their computer for calls. Ironically, this use to work, but now when I call the local dial-in number for the conference call system we have at work, I immediately get at fastbusy signal. Our area uses an area code in front of local numbers, and I've tried with and with a +1 in front of that, but neither made any difference.

    I currently have bria 4 configured like this:

    UserID: <my username according to the vpanel>
    Password: <my password>
    Display Name: <my first name>, but I don't think that matters

    Under Domain Proxy:
    Register with domain and receive calls: Enabled
    Send outbound via: Domain --- I also had Proxy enabled for a time with as the proxy ... however never of these seemed to make a difference

    Dial Plan: #1\a\a.T;match=1;prestrip=2; --- I believe this is the default.

    Under Topology I have Auto Detect enabled (default)
    Presence: (default) Peer-to-Peer
    Transport: Signaling transport (Automatic) enabled. I have also played with setting this to UDP and TCP, but nothing seemed to make a difference, so I put it at automatic.
    IPv6: Not enabled

    Advanced is left to default. But I'm wondering if I need to enable Outbound

    Anybody have any ideas on why this configuration isn't working with Voipo??

    I've gone and setup another account with a different voip provider and it works straightaway without changing any settings in Bria4 other than the basic account information.
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    Default Re: Bria 4 computer to Voipo configuration

    I don't see anything unusual with your settings. I've got Bria 3 and haven't experienced your issue, although I haven't used the program that much.

    Just in case it helps, here are my Bria 3 account settings for those that you mentioned:

    BTW, 10 digit local dialing where I live has been the norm here for over 15 years in the Houston area (we've got 4 overlay area codes) so this should not be the issue with Bria or Voipo.
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