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Thread: No Audio on Outgoing Calls

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    Default No Audio on Outgoing Calls

    It wall all working okay, but today, I'm unable to hear any audio on outgoing calls. I can hear the ring, but then no audio at all.

    Incoming works okay still.

    Desperately need help - wife is going crazy!

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    Default Re: No Audio on Outgoing Calls

    Hope Tim can help out here...

    I've spent most of the morning rebooting and checking the HT702 ATA and my router to try to eradicate the outgoing call problem. Nothing is helping.

    The reps are friendly, but after every reset I have to explain the problem all over again to the next live chat rep!

    This is getting very frustrating after 1+ hours of typing the same thing again and again.

    Is there no diagnostics on the VOIPO side that can confirm audio is flowing correctly through the network?

    Please help... its getting desperate now.


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