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Thread: **NEW FEATURE** - Advanced Call Forwarding

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    Default **NEW FEATURE** - Advanced Call Forwarding

    Hello Resellers,

    We've recently pushed out a new RESELLER BETA feature: Advanced Call Forwarding.

    This feature can be toggled on a per account basis (by default it is off) for Full Service Line RESELLER accounts.

    You will find this toggle under 'Advanced Options' while viewing the applicable Full Service Line account you wish to enable or disable it for.

    Once this has been enabled, the user will then have the new functionality as follows below.

    1. Forward (All) - Enabled or Disabled

    When the Forward (All) above is disabled, the following two options are available below.

    2. Forward (Busy) - Forward To: Voicemail, Busy Signal, Phone Number / SIP Address

    3. Forward (Unavailable) - Forward To: Voicemail, Phone Number / SIP Address

    The timing mechanism in regards to how many rings before an action is taken is still tied to the voicemail ring count (we will look into reworking this at a later date).

    Also this will only work when Call Hunt & Simultaneous Ring are also disabled.

    Please enjoy and let us know if you run into any bugs or issues.

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    Default Re: **NEW FEATURE** - Advanced Call Forwarding

    Nom nom nom... yummy! I like this feature!

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    Default Re: **NEW FEATURE** - Advanced Call Forwarding

    Just to clarify...this is ONLY available for resellers/resold accounts at this time.

    Resellers are typically doing more business-oriented offerings and have been asking for this so we rolled it out for resellers only.

    We may offer it on our residential/soho accounts in the future as a premium feature, but it's only available for resellers at this time.
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    Default Re: **NEW FEATURE** - Advanced Call Forwarding

    Thanks for the new feature Tim. I'm so looking forward to more features, especially the call record feature.
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