I have had nothing but problems from the start with this company. I have talked with Chris, Brian, Justin all have made adjustments after adjustments. Even guided me into my AT&T Internet & TV modem/router and had me uncheck a bunch of things but one to some how coincide with Voipo's service.

This morning just after midnight I called my Mom who is sick and could hardly hear the call, the phone was distorted. So I called her back, same. So as this site say's most things can be resolved by unplugging the power from Voipo modem wait 30 seconds then plug back in. Since I did this NO DIAL TONE THUS NO PHONE.

It is now 3:54AM. I have a pre-paid cell that only had a few minutes on it because I use the house phone. Regular place I buy the pre-paid cards were not open.

Voipo modem will not light up all the spots and stay lit up. Get dial tone for a second then goes right back out. I am beyond upset, I am fuming. I've tried unplugging it longer several times then plugging it back in with no luck.

I am sorry I ever signed up with Voipo. Nothing but beeping on calls, dropped calls, voice mail problems, now Sat. night/Sun. AM with calls I couldn't hear call and unplugging power to modem then back in made it completely go out. And nobody in office until what TUESDAY because of Holiday. This is unacceptable. I need my phone as in now this moment.

I never had problems with Vonage when we had them with other house a few years back, why I tried Voipo is beyond me. $18.00 is worth nothing without SERVICE.

I need this phone working again. How dare this company just leave people hanging like this. I should of known better then to sign up with a company that only has Mon.-Fri. hours. But Mon. is a holiday.


And I want Voipo to put me back into my AT&T modem/router and check all the things that were checked as it was. Because obviously doing all this did nothing to improve my service. It's not my AT&T modem and not my Uniden cordless phones. It is Voipo's phone service period.

Upset. I've got a 81 year old sick Mom and now I have no house phone. What the hell is wrong with this company. I cannot wait, Please fix this sevice.