Every day I love this service more!

In my opinion it has gone from great to astounding.
GREAT: Steady dial tone, decent VM, good call records, CID/CNAM.
ASTOUNDING: Routing for inbound and outbound.
ASTOUNDING: FAX send without a FAX return number needed.
ASTOUNDING: Flexible phone book
ASTOUNDING: Call filtering leveraging routing

My one loose end that would make me say INCREDIBLE is ...

  • Routing for virtual numbers
  • A virtual number in Windsor Ont. or Leamington Ont.

You guys are the best, even if this wish were not granted.
Some Windsor exchanges: http://www.telcodata.us/telcodata/cl...de=WNDSON13DS0
Some Leamington exchanges: http://www.telcodata.us/telcodata/cl...de=LMTNON07RS2
Are there any that are not Bell Canada? Windsor and Leamington were made local to each other.