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Thread: Migration Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbh2o View Post
    Well, now I can't log into either the Express or Residential accounts. And, I've changed nothing!
    You may have to do what I did, since something changed with my password in the migration.

    Try it with the Auth ID rather than the password you were originally using..

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    okay, no biggie... i'll stop pinging now

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    I rebooted the GS and checked - on sip now

    I checked a message with vPanel, and deleted it by vPanel.
    (1st time I've removed a message that way.)
    My VMWI on the phone stayed on ...
    I then left a message and cleared it dialing 123
    The VMWI cleared

    I do not usually use the vPanel access. So this may have been an exception to normal operation.

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