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    I don't want voicemail. I just want my answering machine to pick up and messages to be
    on my phone as they have always been. I have disabled voicemail on the voipo page. I don't
    know how to get voipo voicemail and don't want it if I can possibly avoid it.


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    Just set your rings in your control panel for maybe 10 or higher. Set your answering machine for lower than 10. Your answering machine will answer before your voicemail.
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    Checking voicemail is as easy as 123
    If you have the Auto Enable checked from the VOIPo vPanel, then dial 123 and it will eventually give the interactive VM.
    You should set a password, there may be a default.
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    What's your question? You say you already disabled voicemail on voipo page. Then your answering machine should pick the call. Does it? Obviously, if you disabled Voipo voicemail, figuring out how to check messages is not necessary.

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    Disabling your voicemail on your phone would solve your problem. And you want your answering machine to record your unanswered calls right? I think that would solve your problem, it will record the call and you can play it again once your got home or in your office. I hope I helped you.


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