I've been trying to port my number out of voipo to T Mobile for the last month and have run into nothing but trouble. Voipo support has been absolutely garbage in this process - totally unhelpful and I am hoping someone here can help more.

T Mobile requires an account number, PIN and billing zip code to port my number across. According to Voipo, the account number is the same as my phone number and there is no PIN.

  1. Attempt 1 - I tried with my phone number and my billing zip code. That failed. The error T Mobile got was account number and zip code didnt match.
  2. Attempt 2 - After contacting Voipo support, they said use their houston texas zip code 77092. Tried that and didnt work. Same error again.
  3. Attempt 3 - Tried putting in my cell number as the account number since that's what shows up on Voipo's invoices and the houston zip code. Waiting to see if that works but I am not confident.

Voipo support is saying this isn't their problem and the problem is with TMobile. That's BS to me. Just last week I ported over 2 numbers and had no issues.

Voipo's handling of this issue has been dreadful and has tarnished their reputation in my mind. How difficult is it to find out exactly what the porting procedure is and telling customers what their account number and zip code to use?

I am contemplating filing a formal complaint with the FCC against Voipo. They won't share who their carrier is - otherwise I would file one against them too.

Has anyone gone through this process before? Is this normal for voipo? I found them easy to deal with all along but they are proving me wrong in a big way.