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    Default Obi200 Telephone Adapter and VOIPo

    I recently purchased the Obi200 device which is pre-configured to work with VOIPo. It works like a charm, even though it may not be officially supported by VOIPo.

    When bringing your own device to VOIPo, you need to first obtain your SIP password which is NOT the same password that you use to login to the VOIPo web console. Do this BEFORE you disconnect your VOIPo-furnished device (in my case, the Grandstream 502).

    You cannot register the Obi200 on VOIPo without your SIP password, and you can only get that password while your VOIPo-furnished device is still connected to the service. Login to your VOIPo control panel, and, under features you will see Softphone/BYOD. Only when you enable this feature will the SIP password be emailed to your registered address.

    You then easily add VOIPo service to your Obi200 using the instructions provided with the device.

    One final point. When you add the VOIPo service to the Obi200, the Obitalk console will show the service as "Not Configured". Use the instructions with the device to obtain the web address for the device, and login with the default credentials provided to reboot the device. Once you have done that, you'll show up as connected on both the VOIPo console, as well as the Obitalk console, and you are set to go.
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