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    We need a forum section dedicated to the VOIPO website. That way customers and other interested parties can make comments and suggestions regarding it.

    For instance, the latest minor change on the home page as it had to do with account login was not helpful and was actually a detrimental change. Instead of directly logging in from the home page, now we have to go to a second page. Dumb!

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    This change was actually made intentionally because many devices and browsers were trying to auto-login/auto fill in those fields when people visited the main website. This was becoming more and more of an issue with the new iOS using facial recognition to try to pull up the password for it, etc. We decided it was best to have the control panel login be on its own page. I understand that you may feel it's more convenient to have in the header of the entire site, but it's just one click away.
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    Who cares about IOS. Every web site must comply with W3C standards, and only that.

    I notice now that your web site does not display correctly on one browser version, so it is still not compliant.

    But I digress; the issue is still that we need a forum category for web issues. That is the first step.


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