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Thread: BYOD registration issues causing incoming calls to fail

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    Default BYOD registration issues causing incoming calls to fail

    FYI: For those having recent unexplained incoming calls failing or going to failover, it seems Voipo is having registration issues again with the SIP servers on sip and sip7. ATA registration time interval settings are somehow getting out of time sync with the SIP server registration intervals. These premature registration expirations can vary from several seconds to well over a 1 minute depending upon the ATA registration setting. Currently, I'm able to circumvent the issue on BYOD sip by setting the registration time interval on the ATA to something less than 4 minutes. I would avoid BYOD sip7 for now, as it was still having the problems as of yesterday. I've confirmed that my BYOD SIP phone registered on sip-central01 for their provisioned users is not exhibiting this issue.

    For further reference, you can read the recent posts over in the Reseller forum......
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