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    You're about to loose me. There's this service called cellular, so I don't "need" a landline. I've tried. I've been patient, but I keep getting the same dumb questions over and over. I'm a systems engineer by trade. Stated this at the beginning to try to head off the "did you unplug it" questions but I'm at the end and my patients has expired. There is one chance and if this ticket is not resolved properly as it should have been by the 2nd or third exchange, I'm done. Your company will have lost another one to cellular.


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    Lane- this is not really a support forum. Most of the VOIPo employee's only come by here occasionally. So you might try a PM from here.. But-

    There are a few system engineers here as well that may be able to help. What kind of problems are you experiencing?

    What kind of internet connection do you have and what kind model make of router are you using?
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    chpalmer, I appreciate your willingness to assist here.

    Issue is (was as they're sending me a replacement) a failed Linksys PAP2 device. Since I do what I do for a living, I'd already done my due diligence in trouble shooting and couldn't get pass the scripted questions of, "are there lights on and which ones?" "Did you power the PAP2 off, wait 30 seconds and repower it?" "Tell us about your private network", "What power adaptor do you have and can you plug it into another outlet that has power and see if this fixes it."

    All very good questions that I covered in my opening ticket text. The support issue is that no one tech owns a ticket. So each new "next tech" reads only your last response and basically asks the same dumb questions that have been answered already.

    The main rub here is that I don't need this service. I have free (company paid for) cellular. I ONLY have this as a matter of laziness to close the account. Well that and I like the idea of a backup to my cellular and some of the features of the system. All of which can easily be walked away from given the right motivation.

    This post was a last ditch effort to get service before I disconnected. PAP2 on its way.... until it arrives, story is open.


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