There has been a lot of discussion regarding our VOIPo Express service which was released into public BETA recently. VOIPo Express offers toll-free numbers, virtual local numbers, and a fax service to send and receive faxes easily.

We’d like to now introduce you to our residential service. Just as we have for the VOIPo Express service, we’ll soon be opening our full residential service up for Public BETA.

There are two ways to use the Residential Service.

Option 1 – VOIPo Adapter

We’ll send you a phone adapter that allows you to use your regular telephones just as you normally would. The adapter is about the size of a deck of cards and very easy to install. It has an Ethernet port, a phone port, and a power port. You just plug the power cord in, connect it to your router and then plug your phone cord into it. It will connect to our servers, provision itself and within about 1 minute, you’ll have a dialtone on your telephone. You can then make and receive calls as you would on your normal phone. If you move, just take it with you. Your service and number won’t change (unless you want a new number). Just plug it into your new internet connection and talk. This is similar to Vonage in terms of the service type.

Option 2 – Softphone

A softphone is basically a computer program that you can optionally use to connect to our service. You’d then use it to make/receive calls using your computer and a headset/mic. This is particularly handy if you’re traveling and have it installed on your laptop. You can essentially bypass expensive hotel phone charges and use your home phone even though you’re not home.

Basic Features

Call Waiting
3 Way Calling
Caller ID with Name
Call Waiting ID
Anonymous Call Rejection
Caller ID Block (*67)
Call Return (*69)
Call Forwarding

Advanced Voicemail

With the VOIPo voicemail system, you can have your voicemail messages delivered directly to your e-mail as a .WAV file. You can also setup notifications without attaching the file. With both options, you’ll get the date/time, the Caller ID info, and the length of the message. Of course you can always check your messages from your phone or by dialing in remotely as well.

We’ve also incorporated US SMS notifications as well. If you setup SMS voicemail notifications, you’ll get a short and sweet text message with just the essentials and no e-mail fluff…the date/time, number, caller ID info and length. The text notification is short enough to fit into one message without being cutoff with all major US carriers.


vPanel also has a contact management system. Once you add a contact, you can add unlimited phone numbers for it to identify when the contact calls. You can also assign your contacts to groups like family, friends, work, etc. You can setup as many groups as you’d like. The contacts system is fully integrated with other features including Custom Caller ID, Call Routing, etc.

Custom Caller ID

When you add someone to your Contacts, you can optionally provide a nickname for them. If you do, we’ll override the default network Caller ID with the nickname. So as an example, if you have a contact with the nickname “Mom” and you get a call from that contact using the phone number you labeled as “Cell” for her, your Caller ID will show “Mom – Cell” for your Caller ID name. This is especially useful if you get calls from someone from a cell phone or something that doesn’t have a traditional Caller ID name.

Advanced Call Routing

Everyone is bombarded with calls these days and we wanted to give everyone a little bit of control. All incoming calls can be routed based on criteria you set. By default, all your incoming calls will get through to you. If you want to change that, here are some options.

What you can route….

Specific phone numbers
Use wildcards to create custom ranges or route entire area codes, etc
Entire groups of contacts
Private/Blocked number calls
All callers that aren’t a contact

Where you can route your selection to…

Busy signal
Disconnected message
Forward to another number
Straight to voicemail

You can setup unlimited routing options and manage them all in real-time.

Outbound Call Routing

With outbound call routing, you have the ability to route your outbound calls in a similar way. As an example, you could route “128” to a phone number and create your own custom speed dial. If you don’t want your daughter using the phone to call her boyfriend…you could route those calls to a perpetual busy signal....or even your cell phone. If your local government or city has a public information line, you could route “511” to this. Basically, you can manipulate how outgoing calls from your phone are handled in any way you want.

7, 10, and 11 Digit Dialing

One of the annoying little things with VoIP has often been that you need to dial “ 1 + Area Code + Number “ for all calls including local calls. Since you normally don’t need to do that with a lot of regular phone services unless you live in a major metro area, people in your house may even get confused when they have to do it, etc. In order to keep the fact that you’re using VoIP as transparent as possible, we support dialing 7, 10, or 11 digits. When you dial 7 digits, we automatically add the area code of your primary phone number to the dialed number. This isn’t huge, but little things add up to make a better user experience.


Since we’re dealing with the internet, nothing can ever be 100% reliable. While we can try, there will be occasional network glitches both on our end and on your end. With our advanced failover system, you can optionally specify a backup number (like a cell phone) to forward your calls to if there’s ever a problem with the connection anywhere between our network and your phone adapter. This is also useful if your power goes out or you just lose internet connectivity for any reason.


The FCC requires that we provide E911 service for all US-based customers. If you live in an area which is equipped to electronically receive address information, your address will be automatically transferred to YOUR E911 center when you dial 911. You can update your E911 address in real-time within vPanel in case you’re traveling, etc.

Do Not Disturb

If you enable DND, ALL your calls with be routed to voicemail or a busy signal (your choice) unless the caller is specifically on your “whitelist”. In addition to having a whitelist of numbers, you can whitelist groups and contacts as well.


For those more advanced users, our entire system supports SIP addresses throughout. Your account will have a SIP address for direct SIP calling and you can also use SIP addresses anywhere you would specific a destination number in the system with call forwarding, etc.

Community Powered TeleMarketing Block

Telemarketers are getting more and more crafty these days. We noticed there were a lot of database type sites where people shared numbers of telemarketing calls they got. We decided to integrate a telemarketer block based on community based submissions. If you enable this feature, any calls flagged by you or other VOIPo users as telemarketing will automatically go to straight to your voicemail. This will be one of several community-based projects that are integrated.

International Call Block

No one likes surprises, so we’ve included the option to block international calls from being made using your phone with one click.

Choose Your Own Area Code

When you order VOIPo service, you can select a phone number from any available location even if you don’t live there. So if you live in NYC, but would rather have a Miami number, you can. Numbers are not necessarily tied to your physical location.

Number Portability

If you already have an existing phone number, you can transfer it to our service as long as we normally offer service in the ratecenter of the phone number. One limitation…we cannot port in cell phone numbers…landline, VoIP, and toll-free numbers are fine. Transfers typically take 3-6 weeks to complete (this is industry standard unfortunately).

Tentative Pricing

$22.95 – If Paid Monthly
$59 – If Paid Every 3 Months
$99 – If Paid Every 6 Months

Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada
Free Calling Features (All of the Above)
Free Phone Adapter

All plans have a $29.95 activation fee. Federal, state and local governments in the US along with the FCC require us to provide certain services, comply with certain regulatory policies, and collect taxes when they deem appropriate. A USF surcharge and an E911 Recovery Fee will be billed with service. We don’t like to do this either, but unfortunately VoIP is regulated by the government unlike web hosting.

Optional Addons

Virtual Numbers

You’re able to add additional phone numbers to your account from any cities/ratecenters that we offer service in. Just like domain parking, these numbers simply point to your main account. This is especially useful if you want to have a presence in another city.

Additional local numbers can be added for $4.95 Monthly or $24 Yearly.

A personal toll-free number that points to your account can be added for $4.95 Monthly or $24 Yearly. 100 Toll-Free minutes are included with each toll-free number each month. Additional minutes are billed at 2.9 cents.


We know that all of you are very excited about our VoIP Reseller Program. You'll be able to resell this service to any of your customers. We anticipate launching the reseller program shortly after the full launch of all VOIPo service. Basically you'll have a $25/monthly reseller account which gets you access to our entire system including our infrastructure, our proprietary vPanel control panel system, etc. You'll then buy each account at a wholesale rate and bill your customers whatever and however you want.

Wholesale pricing will be released when we get ready to launch the reseller program.