I'm a long-time Hostgator customer and I was pretty excited to see the Voipo toll-free deals. But I'm not off to a good start so far. I signed up and got my payment receipt, but didn't get my login info. I waited about half an hour and replied to the sales email to ask about how long it usually takes. I got a reply an hour later just saying that my login info was re-sent. I still didn't receive it, so I replied to sales and let them know. Another hour goes by with no reply. Finally, a little while later I received the login info, but when I tried to log in nothing happened. The login page just came back up blank as if I hadn't done anything. I tried again, being careful to get my username and password right, but still nothing. I tried again in another browser and was told that I'm now locked out of my account. I emailed support an hour and a half ago and I still haven't heard any reply. So now it's been over 4 hours and I still haven't even managed to log in to my account even once. I'm trying to get a business website ready for April launch, this is really frustrating that I can't get my phone number working. The phone support and chat support are closed, and noone from email support has gotten back to me. At this point I'm almost ready just to write off the $36 and go elsewhere.