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Thread: About my Avatar, and what about yours?

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    Default About my Avatar, and what about yours?

    Or even the name you use if you wish to elaborate.

    My avatar here was made by INTENS1 at

    My "usa2k" was because I am a Canadian in the USA trying to come up with a good website name as the Millennium, Year 2000 approached. And it was a nice short URL. (

    I know, kinda boring, but the truth often is

    BTW my most active web work is at

    Using VOIPo services since February 2007
    Beta Tested the VOIPo Reseller Plan.
    A happy VOIPo Residential Customer

    Using VoIP devices since 12-2002
    Companies I've tried
    iConnectHere|Vonage|BroadvoxDirect|Vonage|Packet8| VOIPo
    VOIPo is a keeper!

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    Default Re: About my Avatar, and what about yours?

    My avatar says it all about VOIPo. The Price is Right!

    I just love TPR, drove all the way to LA from Texas to see one of the last tapings of Bob and TPR. I never was called down to be a contestant but I was in the audience. That was so cool.

    Now I know you are rolling your eyes... but hey... What can I say.

    I usually use a pic of me SCUBA diving as an Avatar... my other love.

    And yes I lifted TPR logo from their website. Shhhh don't tell anyone.

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    Talking Re: About my Avatar, and what about yours?

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    you should work on your content. it's a little weak.


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