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    Default Reviews Forum - Please Help

    You'll notice a new "Customer Reviews" forum.

    We would appreciate it if each of you would take a few minutes to write up a quick review and post it there.

    Please post 1 review per thread.

    Other than that, it's completely freeform and you don't need to do it in a specific format.

    This will be an open forum (probably will close to replies though). Any support/account questions/issues will be moved out of it. It's for reviews only.

    Even though it's our forum, when there are negative reviews, we plan to leave them up as long as they are true. We'll respond to them in the thread and attempt to address the problems to turn it around. If we do that, we'll ask the customer to update it to a positive review from negative. This shows that while there will be some unhappy people lets people see that we resolved the issues.

    This has worked very well for us at HostGator. Here's an example:

    Please help out by posting if you have a minute. If you already posted a review at BBR or somewhere else, just copy it over if you want.

    Thanks for your help!
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