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You've had some great speculation in the thread so far. Here are a few thoughts (admittedly many of them echoed from previous posts):

  • Features
    • Remote Call Forward
    • Simul-Ring
    • Call Hunting (sequential ring, could be integrated with simulring)
    • Multiple lines on one vPanel
    • The return of Carrier
    • "Smart" call forwarding/simulring (doesn't ring a destination if that's the incoming CID)

  • Policies
    • Explicit statements of allowing porting-in of mobile numbers, porting-in to Express numbers, etc.
    • Implemention of GatorBill?
    • After 1 year of service, adapters will be 'written off'; customers will be allowed to keep them, and they will be unlocked.
    • Opening of the Re-seller program and an Affiliate program

Well, at least if the big announcements don't cover all of these 'wissues' (or is that 'wishues'?), you certainly won't suffer from a lack of things to do...
you've got my vote