View Full Version : Recent Residential Service Enhancements

09-16-2009, 09:10 AM
Here is a consolidated list of some of the recent changes rolled our for the residential service.

Set Outgoing Caller ID Number

- Outgoing Caller ID number can now be set to any virtual number on your account or any verified external number such as a Google Voice number or a cell phone.

- Automatically verify ownership of an external number (such as a cell phone or GoogleVoice number) and use it for your Outgoing Caller ID number on all calls. Verify numbers by adding number in "Mobile" link under BETA tab.

- Main number is still used for E911.

Improved Call History

- Better sorting/search options

- Click to add to contact list

- Revised one-click custom call routing options

- Download to CSV file for archiving

Free 411

- Dialing 411 now defaults to Free 411 service powered by Google 411. All 411 calls are free with this option.

- Option on vPanel to redirect 411 to Premium 411. If Premium option is selection, 3 Free Premium 411 calls per month then $0.99 each.

Cloned Line

- Virtual numbers can now be assigned to 2nd Line port on adapter for no additional charge.

- This will convert 2nd port into a separate 2nd line with its own phone number.

Call Recording

- Record calls and have them e-mailed as .WAV files.

- Record outgoing calls when dialing or setup filters to record incoming calls meeting certain criteria.

- Additional information under Features - BETA - Call Recording.

Canadian Virtual Numbers

- Canadian virtual numbers now available. Same cost as US virtual numbers.

Free International Calling; Lower Rates

- Promotional feature: 60 FREE minutes of international calling per calendar month. Over 30 countries included. Feature included free for all current residential users. Included in current promotion for new customers for limited time.

- Lower international rates to most destinations being announced soon.
Discussion: http://forums.voipo.com/showthread.php?t=1593

Fax Service Enhancements

- Fax services completely TDM based and use traditional telephone network instead of VoIP network for reliability.

- Local fax numbers now available in most markets

- Order your own dedicated fax number (local or toll-free) for $4.95/Mo or $36/Yr. Faxes e-mailed to you as a PDF file.

- Ability to instantly activate a use a dedicated toll-free fax number that is available for 24 hours to receive a quick fax for just $0.99.

- Ability to send faxes from vPanel. Accepted file types: PDF, TIFF, TXT, HTML, CSV, EXCEL .XLS, Microsoft Word .DOC (20MB file size limit for all types). Send Fax Feature FREE for all residential users.