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Brooke Lynn
02-08-2010, 12:51 AM
Hi All,
I'm comparing voipo with one other carrier and am almost ready to pull the trigger on voipo, but do have some questions...I currently have 3 numbers and would want to port them over.

1. I understand that the exact reseller launch date is indefinite, but is there a guesstimate of a week, month etc available? Kinda trying to find out when $99/yr promo will end.

2. I read in the past the $99/yr offer came with a free vpn as the bonus. Was this just a 'Founders' deal. Has the offer ever appeared since? Will there be an a free vpn bonus signup offer before this current promotional pricing offer ends? I wouldve already signed up if an additional vpn was the bonus (as opposed to the 60 international minutes)

3. Would sales dept consider switching out one bonus offer for another if the client asked. I'm in marketing, so I do understand testing the different promo strategies.

4. VPN - I understand you can pick your area code, but can you also pick the actual phone number?

5. After the 'cloned' line is set up, can the phone number be switched to one of a customers vpns? Is switching the numbers always available?

6. How many actual lines does the 'voipo adapter' support?

7. How do I NOT activate my account (until I receive the ATA)? I assume an email is sent or something, so do I not follow the instructions until the ATA arrives?

8. In the second year of service is the proposed $200/12 mths most likely? Or will it be lower? Would there be additional taxes added?

Thanks in advance for your help!

02-08-2010, 04:33 AM
I am merely a user expressing my experiences in answer to your questions. VOIPoTim, or an answer from support@voipo.com would provide more authoritative answers.

Probably wont get firm times for promotion start/stops. And betting the Reseller launch date will not play a big role.
That [free virtual number] was shortly after being fully launched. Its been a long time since such a deal. Don't get your hopes up to get it back.
I doubt you can get a virtual number included under current promotions.
VPN being Virtual Phone Number or VN. Yes, you view an inventory in vPanel.
Yes, a VN can be upgraded so it has its own phone port, call filtering, phone book, ... it may feel redundant to set some things up, but otherwise is a cool feature. It is really tied to the primary number as far a minutes and minute usage monitoring for TOS concerns a Residential. It can give its own CID as an alias for outbound calling. You can switch back to the cloned setup any time. Don't know if that clears the upgraded call filers and such on the second line when it begins using the primary line's settings again.
Two outbound. A soft phone could have a 3rd primary line meant for occasional use.
Your account is activated at sign-up. Unless they change to a new billing system, that is how it works. I doubt CSR can even offer credit after the fact for such a request.
Taxes are never an easy prediction. I am betting we may never see the nominal retail price of $199 based on what has happened so far, and what the competition does. Still, you can always vote with your wallet.

I expect you will like the service and the features. Support is rarely needed, but most are surprised by the capable people resolving issues.

Jim, AKA usa2k.

02-14-2010, 08:11 AM
interesting ..i was wondering the same ..thank you http://music-desktop.com/content/18/usesmiley.png ;)