View Full Version : Thrilled with Voipo - so glad I switched!

12-22-2010, 05:57 PM
I remember coming to this forum before ordering Voipo, hoping to see how current users felt about the service. So I thought I ought to post my experience for others looking as well.

Now first off, switching to VOIP from a landline is not without its problems. We live up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and although we pay for the fastest connection, our DSL speed can be pretty inconsistent. Not to mention, we already had a 8x8 VOIP line installed on the same connection (a work line paid by the company we work for).

When I first got the Voipo line installed, there were quite a few issues with the line. But the cool thing is, Voipo answered their support line in timely manner every time I called, and every time I emailed them about a problem, they fixed the problem and emailed me back.

Hey, VOIP will never be as stable as a land line (just ask Skype users about the huge outage they had today) but for the price and features, it beats a landline any day. We love getting our voicemails in our email, blocking the telemarketers, custom caller ID and distinctive ring. And we love not paying that huge bill from AT&T each month! With the money saved, I was able to order internet on my new cellphone, and still be ahead on the budget. :-)

12-23-2010, 03:24 AM
I think of Vonage and 8x8 as the early pioneers that helped popularize VoIP, and VOIPo as a current Major VoIP Provider that has really perfected Price, Features, and Customer Service as an example to others.

Glad it works for you! :D