View Full Version : Possible New Customer - Feature Questions

12-12-2013, 07:33 PM
I'm considering moving my VIOP services over to VOIPo and have a few questions regarding the features. I'm interested in answers regarding both VoIP and Cloud.

- Call Forwarding: Do incoming calls have to ring multiple times before being forwarded? My current vendor requires them to ring 5 times before forwarding, so some callers think we're not available and give up and hang up before we can answer the forwarded call.

With Could service, are you charged twice for each call - meaning both inbound minutes and Forward minutes.

- Porting: What is the cost to port my current number? (It's in the US btw.)

- Are there limits to call blocking/whitelist/blacklist? My current vendor limits these.

- With Cloud server, can you setup an alert when you get close to reaching limits, i.e. watermarks? It would be useful to switch from forwarding to a regular line over to a SIP connection to save $$ when limits are reached.

With the features offered, I'm trying to decide if I'll need to keep using Google Voice. With the limitations of my current provider, I needed more features or actually, better fleshed out features. I'm on a grandfathered VZW plan with unlimited data, but limited voice minutes. So I need to monitor how I forward things voice-wise.

Thank you for your help!