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12-19-2013, 02:01 PM

I have been communicating off and on with Voipo for over 6 months regarding having Voipo "host" my 2 incoming toll free numbers (business).

Once Timonthy Dick in an email even told me that even though the Vpanel at Voipo does not yet allow a user to upload a list of numbers to block such as solicitors, scammers, etc. - - - - Voipo DOES allow a user to input individual numbers to block (and continue adding more numbers to block as well).

So today I call up and the representative says sorry, that service is only allowed on residential accounts and not on business incoming.

I would have to argue that Voipo is missing a HUGE opportunity here.

I have spoke to several guys in business and explained to them that this service is available and they all exclaim


It's because their staff - - - like mine - - - are suffering 75% to 90% of all incoming calls all day long as scammers, solicitors and other undesireables.

This is costing American business a LOT of time and money.

The VOIP company that implements this feature (with uploading an entire database as well of numbers to block) is going to have business people THROWING MONEY at them to get this feature.

12-19-2013, 03:01 PM
From Voipo own list of features:

Call Blocking
Block calls based upon your own unique criteria, all from the comfort of your web based vPanel account.

Add specific numbers to block, or create your own custom rules (such as blocking entire area codes, or allowing only a 'whitelist' of contacts to be able to reach you).

So why is this not available from "The Cloud" . . . I have to assume that incoming calls through my own toll free numbers I already own are processed through . . "The Cloud"

12-19-2013, 04:39 PM
You have our cloud service which is a forwarding only service. It just forwards all calls onto another number so it's designed for you to rely on the features provided by the destination number.

Since it's a forwarding only service, it uses a different infrastructure and has a different feature set. For the services that do have more features, the numbers are handed off to an additional set of "feature servers" which handle the features.

We are considering adding some of the features we offer on our core services to the cloud service later on, but it's not an easy task due to the nature of that service being forwarding so I can't make any promises.

12-21-2013, 08:36 PM
you would want the last number in line to do the filtering, unless the service you have now, you don't want to change and is not able to do the filtering.