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    Re: Still on daylight savings time

    I had the same problem with the time not changing. Created a ticket and they fixed it. I have my provisioning turned on so I don't want to make manual changes. Voipo is supposed to update the...
  2. Re: The phone adapter doesn't work after replacing my router

    Turn off firewall and SIP ALG (if available on the router) and see if it works. If it doesn't work, you can try the port forwarding option. If nothing works, contact support.
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    Re: Call comes in, drops VPN connection...

    my VPN packets are marked with IP precedence of 5. So, when I setup my QOS, I had to check for additional fields to give priority for my voice packets. Maybe you have QOS enabled and that somehow...
  4. Thread: No Service

    by sr98user

    Re: No Service

    Service is fine here. Made a number of calls today.
  5. Re: International calling - Remote Access Number

    I have two external numbers added. "Remote Access Number" feature allow one phone to make a call without having to enter the phone number. But it doesn't allow the other number to do the same. I...
  6. Re: International calling - Remote Access Number

    Nice feature!! I did not get an email about this. Just checked it out and it is working. I did have "Auto Login" enabled, but it still asked me for the PIN.
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